Day 2/100


Learn something new.

Everything [new] that I learned was related to the type of job I have. Many people wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about so I will explain in the easiest way.
I work with my mom at a training school for permanent cosmetics. What I learned yesterday was related to the different types and sizes of needles that we sell and use at our shop. Each needle is configured in specific ways or shapes so that different techniques, as well as procedures, can be utilized. Some needles are as thin as a hair stroke and some are thick which helps to pick up more pigment color and cover a wider surface area of skin.

I also learned that [apparently] “cocoa brown” and “deep brown” are extremely different colors with opposite undertones. This is in the brow pencils that we use. Lol.

Not too interesting for day 2, but something is better than nothing.


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