Day 3/100



Turn your phone off for 2 hours.

When I created this 100 Day thing, I didn’t realize how little 2 hours actually is. Like, I’m kind of disappointed in myself for thinking that it would be a lengthy time without a phone. That’s sad.

My boyfriend and I originally had decided to go out to dinner because we don’t do that too much anymore. I thought ‘perfect, I’ll just leave my phone at home. We’ll be gone for a couple hours. Simple.’ After realizing how busy Saturday nights are at restaurants, we decided we would call in our order, pick it up, & take it home and watch a movie or something. So during this two-hour period, I ate such a delicious dinner while catching up on our shows, Vikings & 9-1-1. Not having my phone near me during times when I’m with him is really easy for me. I actually always forget where I put it because I’m not so attached while with him. I’m a firm believer in having your phone put away when you’re doing something together. It was a pretty relaxing night for a Saturday night. Then again, we don’t go out much and I don’t really go out at all.


BJ’s Brewhouse Great White Pizza & Cookies and Cream (Oreo) Pizookie



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