Days 6 & 7/100



pexels-photo-210687Buy yourself flowers.

I know, I know: “Where have you been!?” Well, it’s been twenty days since my last 100 Days entry and I’m quite disappointed in myself. Day 6 (this entry) is one that I choose not to do for financial reasons. I am in a bit of a financial rut for right now, which has been a huge contributor to my absence. It’s hard to be happy and positive when bills are barely being paid on time and relationship issues have made their way to the surface only because I refuse to ask for financial help.

“I’m a strong independent woman!!!”
Who hasn’t heard that before?

While this entry was intended to be a huge positive entry [when I made 100 Days], I cannot spend money in which I need to save to eat and pay rent. I do have my eye on some orchids though, and have wanted them for quite some time. Maybe after taxes I can spare $20.00 for the beautiful orchid.



Light your favorite candle and relax without electronics.


I usually light candles on a nightly basis & candles are something that I usually collect and have a bunch of. For the past year, I’ve bought this candle on 2 or 3 different occasions because I love it so much. It’s from Target and it’s around sixteen dollars, I believe. The scent is Island Moonlight, which sounds peaceful in itself.
So, the candle part of this day was quite simple!

When it comes to having a night without electronics, I will usually read and chase my kitten around the house like a child. She loves playing hide and seek, it’s the funniest thing. Recently, I’ve been tasked with reading two manuals. I plan to take all of our academic courses at my work in order to become a certified technician. With this, I can have my own clientele, own my own business, and have financial stability. These manuals are equivalent to 40 hours of academic courses and I will be doing 60 more hours in person at my work. So, for right now, this is my reading material and I know absolutely nothing about this so it’s quite informative!


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