Day 8/100



Don’t say “no” all day. Be open to new experiences.

For what the prompt is, this day wasn’t too out of the ordinary. I agreed and said yes to everything, but there wasn’t anything that I particularly didn’t want to do.

This week at work, we are switching accounting software. We are also in the midst of redoing our website, getting me on payroll (deciding between the 1040 tax form and the 1099 tax form), and switching the business names over. I agreed to take on more work because they are quite overwhelmed. As uncomfortable as it will be for me in the beginning, I will need to step out of my social comfort zone. Just the thought of this terrifies me: talking to random people on the phone while I’m still learning about the business. I also told myself that I would dedicate more time to working (ironically, I am writing this while at work). Sometimes, the marketing that I create is better done at home because I have 2 screens: my laptop and a monitor. This makes it SO much easier when working with Adobe Creative Cloud programs whilst needing the internet.

I have to say, I am pretty excited. I do have to kick myself into gear, though, and put more effort into everything.



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