Day 10/100



Cook something new & different.

Today is the day that I gave up my Girl Scout cookies to make a huge diet change. Last week, I kind of realized how much I had let myself go and it was devastating. Since it is President’s Day and many places are closed, I decided to work at home. My diet didn’t stay as great as I wanted it to for today, but I made a decision that gave me a feeling of power – like, I’m no longer powerless over sugar. While cleaning the apartment, I noticed that my boyfriend had left a couple of Thin Mints left on the table. I thought he’d eaten them all. I contemplated [probably a lot longer than I should’ve] whether or not to eat them. After all, it was only two cookies. NO! I threw them away. Now, it may not seem like such a big deal to most people, but I love to rationalize my sugar addiction. That’s where I mess up, give in, and let myself go. I’ve had enough.

Okay, okay. Back to where we were with cooking something new and different. For dinner, I decided to do a homemade vegetarian chili. I mean, I wouldn’t consider it completely homemade – I didn’t actually grow all of the food; they came prepackaged. I just put everything in a crockpot. My decision to make it vegetarian was because I need to ease up on my meat intake by a lot. Meats are on the low end of the alkaline scale, meaning that they are more acidic, which effects my stomach immensely. I combined a trio of beans: kidney beans, pinto beans, and black beans, with petite diced tomatoes, a small amount of tomato sauce, corn, and chili seasoning. It is probably the simplest dinner that I’ve ever made. It, also, makes about 6-8 servings which will give me lunch or dinner for a couple days. I am aware that tomato sauce is also low on the alkaline scale, but it isn’t as low as beef, turkey, or chicken.



This gif makes me dizzy.


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