Day 13/100



What can you do to take better care of yourself?

Lets get personal!!!!

  1. Stay on track with my high alkaline diet & stay away from sugar at all costs. Buy organic products when I can.
  2. Put more effort into some sort of exercising, whether at home or at a gym.
  3. Be honest with myself. I rationalize a lot of things when I know they can be unhealthy. I’m also codependent so I usually put others’ likes and dislikes before mine. [I will probably do a post about being codependent]
  4. Stay busy, especially when I am feeling depressed or low.
  5. Follow my bullet journal aka stay on task and create better habits.
  6. Write daily in my gratitude journal. [My mom just bought me one]
  7. Give daily.
  8. Stop complaining.
  9. Stop being critical or comparing – every situation & every person is unique.
  10. Don’t forget to take care of myself.




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