Day 15/100 – SORRY



Right after you wake up, stretch for 15 minutes.

First & foremost, this week has been so busy, but I have not forgotten about my 100 days. I just haven’t written the updates. Life always happens, you know…ALWAYS. What I’ve been busy with at work is so tedious and time consuming. After work, it’s hard for me to stare at a computer anymore for the day; this is also why I haven’t been vlogging…because I have to edit and watch the video over and over again. As a person with a lot of migraines and bouts of confusion, I shouldn’t be staring at a computer screen as much as I already do… Can I just sleep?

Anyways, it is hard to do anything in the morning unbothered when you have a kitten. I have to push her away because she always wants all of the attention, especially in the mornings. This week I have been super duper tired and find the mornings very excruciating; stretching does help, though. When I wake up, I just feel so heavy from lying down for 8 hours straight. The blood hasn’t been flowin’! Stretching in the morning really helps that. Plus, it feel amazing. Come to find out, I can’t touch my toes without bending my legs…




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