Day 16/100



Drink 91 oz (2.7L) of water. It is the daily recommended amount.

I didn’t know it could be so hard to actually get the daily recommended amount of water intake. For about a week and a half, I’ve been drinking detox tea every morning. It has definitely helped. I’ve always been a water drinker; I rarely drink juices, sodas, etc. Throughout all these years, I’ve been convinced that I hydrate myself enough. I was wrong. When I woke up, I drank 16oz of water. Then, I had my tea which is 22oz of water. After my tea, I’ll generally switch to plain water for the rest of the day. So, throughout work, I had another 22oz of water. During the afternoon and into the evening, I drank two more glasses of water that were 16oz each.

So lets see…

16oz + 22oz + 22oz + 16oz + 16oz

Hold on, let me get my calculator…



Honestly, I didn’t think I would actually make it. I wasn’t necessarily keeping a good count on it during the day.

But let me just tell you

I had to pee every 10 minutes LOL



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