Day 20/100



Create a new morning routine.

»Alarm at 6:05am
»Hit snooze 1-5 times
»Get up
»Feed cats & fill water
»Have coffee and watch 30 minutes of whatever show I am currently watching
»Sometimes have cereal
»Get ready for the day (makeup, hair, clothes, etc.)
»Pack up for work (I take a backpack to work)
»Leave for work

»Alarm at 5:30am
»Snooze alarm no more than twice
»Get up & stretch for 10 minutes
»Feed cats & fill water
»Make something healthy for breakfast
»Make/get together lunch and snacks for the day
»Make my detox tea (to take it to work)
»Get ready for the day (makeup, hair, clothes, etc)
»Pack up backpack for work
»Leave work

I usually don’t do much in the mornings because I love sleeping and dreaming. I’ve really gotten unhealthy though and I want to turn that around. I know being more active in the morning, like stretching and working out [maybe?], will help me with energy throughout the day. Recently, I actually haven’t done my makeup or hair at all. I guess it’s part of how low I feel? Anyways, I’m gonna try and stick to this morning routine. I need to get back into healthy habits.




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