Day 21/100



Go see a movie in the theater.

Well guys, this one is going to be really short and not that fun. I’m in a tough spot right now financially AND I just decided that I’ll have to move out of my apartment within the next 3 weeks. I have to save every penny that I can.

I can tell you, though, that I watch plenty of movies on Amazon or Netflix. One movie that I highly recommend is on Netflix and its called Mute. It has Paul Rudd in it, although he looks like a dirty porn star, but I still love him. The main character doesn’t speak at all and it is set in a really futuristic type of world. I don’t want to tell you the whole story because it pretty much gives it away, but it’s a good movie, in my opinion.

Another Netflix movie that I highly recommend is called The Vault. As you can probably guess by the title, the setting is inside a bank. James Franco and Taryn Manning (from Orange is the New Black) are both in it. The bank has an old vault in the basement [which isn’t used now] that was used a while ago. Needless to say, while the bank is being robbed, the robbers make it down to the vault, but the vault has its own secrets. (no spoilers!!) I wouldn’t consider it a “horror” movie per se, but it is suspenseful.

So, although I can’t make it to the movies, I can give you Netflix Original Movies that you can watch!



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