Day 22/100



Complete one thing that you’ve been putting off.

Well, everyday is full of things that I procrastinate on. I actually did this without even intending it to be the Day 22 prompt. Two months ago, I closed my main bank account to open it elsewhere. Anyone who has autopay on any bills knows what a pain in the ass this is. I go through all of my bills and change the payment methods in everything which all ended up being successful except one. For some reason, the payment for my dental insurance didn’t accept the account info (although, it was correct). On February 1st, my dental insurance was canceled and I did not get notified until it was halfway through February. I literally let it sit until yesterday. Finally, I made the call and made sure all of the information was correct. It was. Everything was fixed with a new routing number, though. I put this phone call off for so long because I hate talking to call center people. I don’t want to answer a bunch of unnecessary questions or take a survey; I just want my problem fixed. I feel bad saying no to anything, though. This is my social anxiety, but I still try to be nice and patient with them.



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