Day 23/100



Who are you grateful for [outside of immediate family]?

She was in my Day 18 post, but I’m going to make this post about her as well. I’ve been going to my therapist for around 4 years now and it took me a while to find someone that I fully trust. I feel like she listens to me and understands me completely when I try to explain things. She is extremely supportive and always gives me things to work on. She’s even given me large articles about Neuroscience that she’s come across, knowing that is what I want to study. While my insurance provider has limited psychologists for the numerous amounts of those who need help, I feel like my therapist works with me and schedules our meetings in conjunction with how I’ve been doing/feeling. She’s older and I do fear that she is going to retire soon. I’ve always had major trust issues and it takes me awhile to be open and completely honest with someone. I don’t want to have to explain my whole life story to someone new. I also prefer psychologists who have been in the same positions for a long period of time, having more experience, knowledge, and wisdom. It’s not that I feel that others are incompetent, they may be just as knowledgeable, but a psychologist with many years of experience may have their methods that have been more helpful than others with people struggling with something similar. While I wish I could see her more often and have longer sessions, I am grateful for even having her as my psychologist in the first place.




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