Day 24/100



Buy someone a small gift.

Funny thing…I did this without even know it was the prompt. It wasn’t much, but the gesture shows more than anything. I was craving junk food so I made my way down to the liquor store near my house. I got myself some Crispy M&Ms, my favorite! Since I was getting something for myself, I figured I should get something for my boyfriend, since I was going back home. He asked me not to get him anything, but I’m not good at listening. I bought his favorite candies for him: Peanut Butter Snickers and Cookies & Cream Hershey’s Bar. KING SIZE! He wasn’t in that great of a mood and just had a big dinner and, knowing him, I knew he’d be craving something sweet. It isn’t much, but I hate buying myself something and not buying the other person something also. Things are financially difficult right now too, so I would rather not go out and buy something materialistic. That isn’t what he likes anyway.




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