Day 25/100



Write a love letter to yourself.

Lets see how long I can go without crying. I’ll update you at the end of this letter.


To me,

You’ve come a long way; you’ve come further than you thought you would ever go. You were adamant that you wouldn’t live to see your 21st birthday, but here you are at 25 years old. You’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, BPD, abusive relationships, and an eating disorder, but you are not alone and you never have been. Now that you’ve lived through some of the hardest times that you’ve faces so far, it’s time to start living your best life. The last couple of years, you’ve gotten to know yourself with a deeper understanding. You’re empathetic, logical, analytical, and intelligent with a dash of creativeness. Although you have a hard time making friends, the friends that you do make are trustworthy, honest, and loving people that you would give your life for. One thing that you’ve come to love about yourself is that you refuse to stay stagnant. You take on anything, even to the point of overwhelming yourself. You fill your mind with various learning subjects such as neuroscience, psychology, criminology, pharmacology, astrology, journalism, metaphysics, physics, philosophy, and Buddhism. This is not the whole list, either. Any subject that you have even the slightest interest in, you will immerse yourself in it for a period of time. You’re versatile and adapt to things quickly. Patience and acceptance of things you cannot change are some things that need to be worked on. While a lot of the time you critique yourself to oblivion, deep down you really don’t care how you appear to others. You dream BIG, and I mean real big, and you have so much ambition. You refuse to be told what to do by others and prefer to pave the way yourself. Your intuition is strong. Your emotional intelligence is there, but you are improving that as we speak by reading many books about self-improvement. You’re just realizing how lucky you are to be living the life you’re living and how lucky you are to have so many people around you to support you. You have your bad days, lazy days, mediocre days, sad days, and exciting days, but nothing deters you from following what you want to achieve in the end. You’re learning quickly that everyday doesn’t need to be good, that it’s okay to take breaks, that it’s okay to have mental health days to boost your mind, that it’s okay to feel helpless and feel like giving up. What is the most important is that you continue forward. Generally speaking, you want to help people, especially people who struggle with the same things that you’ve struggled with. You’re an all-around good person and your intentions are filled with love and greatness. You’ll be successful in life, whether you believe that right now or not.

Love, Me


Okay guys I didn’t cry!



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