Day 26/100



Give five strangers 1 compliment each.

Does online count? I hope so because that’s what I got. Honestly, I haven’t been anywhere public except work and home lately. We do have clients that come in and out almost everyday at work. So, as far as compliments go, I’ve told a girl she looked cute with one of those dad hats, because she was wondering how it looks. Hmm…I’ve commented on someones pictures complimenting how every hair color looks so good on her, even bright orange! At work, I’ve told one client how amazing her eyebrows looked and another client how perfect her lips looked. If you haven’t caught on yet, I work in permanent cosmetics, cosmetic tattooing. For the fifth compliment, I told a girl in a group chat that I’m in how talented she was at making her jewelry and paintings. I feel like I give so many more compliments, definitely more than five. I usually don’t keep tabs on them, though. Do you?




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