Day 27/100



Watch a documentary about an unfamiliar topic.

I talk about it a lot, but I love documentaries. I’ve actually watched many of the ones on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and HBO Go so I’ve been finding it difficult to find new ones. I watched a chiller documentary on Netflix tonight called Killer Legends. I didn’t know what I expected from the title. I guess I expected like famous murderers like Charles Manson. I was way off. It’s a documentary about urban legends and the scary stories that are passed down from generation to generation. These researchers take these urban legends and try to find the possible origin of the story. By the way, yes, it is about murderers, hence Killer Legends.

The first urban legend was The Hookman, a story about a killer who had a hook for a hand and preyed on teenagers on Lover’s Lane. Many movies have been made using a similar synopsis, relating better to the actual story. While the actual Lover’s Lane murders in Texarkana, are still unsolved, there was never any evidence of a “hook hand”.

The second urban legend was The Candyman. I’m sure everyone has experienced worried parents on Halloween searching through their child’s candy for anything suspicious. I know I remember all of the warnings when I was little. This urban legend was about someone preying on children during Halloween night by poisoning candy and hiding sharp objects such as nails or razorblades inside candy. The real story that this is possibly based off of is a family that came home from trick or treating. The father allowed his 3 children to have one pixie stick each. One of the children ended up being poisoned and passed away. The police searched for the perpetrator, but came up empty. The father ended up being arrested and charged for the death of his son.

The third urban legend was The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs, which many movies have adopted as their plots. I’m sure “have you checked on the children?” sounds familiar. This urban legend is said to have been based around one particular murder in Missouri of a woman who had been killed while babysitting. Police and researchers believed that it was a man who was known to harass the woman [who was murdered] and who was a family friend of the family that the woman was babysitting for. It is said that this is how he knew that she was alone inside the house.

The fourth urban legend was The Killer Clown. This urban legend is traced to serial killer John Wayne Gacey, who often dressed as a clown, but never killed anyone while in the costume. Many people in Chicago have heard the story about a clown driving around trying to entice others into his white, unmarked, ice-cream truck like van. Skeptics believe that this story was due to coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.

I apologize if I was too descriptive. This documentary wasn’t rated very high, but I found it SO interesting! I minor in criminal justice, so many of my favorite TV shows and movies are crime related.

Other documentaries that I recommend (No particular order):
Jim & Andy
Oklahoma City
Amanda Knox
Tony Robbins: I am not your guru
Dirty Money
Saving Capitalism



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  1. Let me know if you watch “Paterno” on HBO next month. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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