Day 28/100



No television for the day. Instead, you should write, color, read, etc.

While I’m at work, this is easy, as there is no television at work. I left work at about 3pm to come home. I’ve been jumping right into my bullet journal lately. With a lot going on in my personal life, it keeps me occupied and my mind focused on creativity. I’ve worked on my bullet journal since last month. I plan to start filming again and one of my vlogs will be about my bullet journal and what it contains. I’ll somewhat describe the pages. There is a daily habit tracker with certain things I should be doing, a page dedicated to helping anxiety and panic attacks, a daily sleep tracker, a daily mood tracker, a daily depression tracker, a daily anxiety tracker, a bucket list, a weekly spread broken down by days, and after every weekly spread, I have a journal space for how I interpreted the week. So far, that’s all I have. I plan on adding weekly meal plans and other things. Basically, until bedtime, my bullet journal was all that I was focusing on. It’s helpful with my anxiety about time and my forgetfulness about events. If you stay awake at night trying to think of many things you need to do, I recommend you get a planner or a bullet journal!



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