Day 32/100



Bake cookies and eat them with NO guilty feelings.

I wish I took a picture of the cookies I made. I made them at 10pm and, after eating 10 of them, I went to bed. I was craving chocolate, but my lazy butt didn’t want to drive anywhere, even though the liquor store is literally across the street. I knew I had extra chocolate chips and white chocolate chips in my baking cupboard. I, also, had this Nestle dessert book that I got for Christmas YEARS ago. I love baking so I knew I’d have most of the ingredients for the recipes in the book. I was also craving peanut butter. In the Nestle book, I found peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! Just what I was looking for! I had all the ingredients and made the cookies from scratch. I realize, now, that I spent much more energy baking homemade cookies rather than go across the street to the liquor store. But I had fun, so that’s all that matters. The dough made about 3 dozen cookies. My boyfriend had maybe 5 cookies. I ate the rest and, yes, they are all gone now. Do I feel guilty? HECK NO! They were sooooooo good! While part of my brain thinks, “how dare you eat so much,” I have the other, bigger, part of my brain that just says, “why do you care? Are you enjoying the cookies?” I’m not the healthiest person in the world and, yes, I do need to work out just for the sake of dopamine production, but cookies are, and will always be, my number one food.



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