Days 33 & 34/100



Give 20 sincere compliments to strangers on social media.

I combined days 33 & 34 together because of this entry in particular. I was going to screen shot all of my interactions on social media and put them all together, but I decided not to. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one, guys. Between Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, Vero, and Youtube giving 20 compliments isn’t much. I didn’t count every compliment either. Every compliment that I give is sincere and I can tell you that I give out more than 20 compliments on a daily basis; I try to be more social because of my anxiety. On each social media platform that I use, there are individuals that stand out to me. Most of the time, my comments come from being inspired by their pictures. As a person obsessed with makeup, I find the most beautiful designs and looks, and am left in awe of their talent. I knew this post wouldn’t be much so you’ll see the March 21st post below!



Who is a positive influence to you? Write them a letter or an email.


I’m sure you’ll become annoyed soon with how much positive influence I say that you give me. From the deepest and furthest parts of my memory, I always remember how much love and laughter you’ve given me. You worked six days per week as I was growing up, but I never felt that I lacked attention from you. Through the years I’ve watched you go through some of the toughest times, my teenage years included, without it ever effecting your positive attitude. You took your job into your own hands when you realized that there was no room for improvement or higher pay in the position you were in. You used our garage of our overly expensive apartment as your shop and began creating what is now your thriving business. For years, the business remained stagnant without your 100% attention, but you never had a thought of quitting. After all, stagnant is better than failing. These are things that contribute to the influence that you have on me. You’ve taught me that there is nothing that is not achievable with hard work. You’ve showed me how far a positive attitude can take me. You’re never angry and you never let anything effect your outlook on life. You laugh at the stupidity of some people and have always said, “you ask a stupid question and you get a stupid answer.” You radiate happiness and acceptance, and I can only wish to obtain the wisdom that you have. My answer to this prompt is nothing short of expectation. I write crap like this on every card that I give you, so much so that you have begun to save the card to read at a later time in private. Careful: don’t cry, dad!

me lol”



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