Day 36/100



List 10 things you’re grateful for this week.

  1. I am grateful for the flexibility in my job and with my schedule. I go to work early (I’ve always been an early bird) and I can work half of a day if I want to or I can work 10 hours per day if I need to. If I need a mental health break and a day off, I don’t feel guilty to the point where it gives me anxiety and consumes me.
  2. I am grateful for the many car mechanics in my family. I know this is kind of an odd thing to be grateful for, but do you realize how much money is spent on car maintenance? It can add up very, very quickly. I have only taken my car to a dealership for maintenance one time in the 10 years that I’ve been driving, and that was only because my new car (after my car accident) had a recall. Other than that, I pay for auto parts and don’t pay for super inflated labor costs. If you’re wondering, my brother and my dad worked on my car last weekend.
  3. Although I do complain about it, I am grateful that my computer still works after 8 years. This is how I do my job. This is how I design. This is how I market for the business. This is how I study for school. It keeps on truckin’ and it will keep going until I purchase a newer computer!
  4. This is going to sound funny, but I am grateful that my family didn’t forget to invite me to my step-mom’s birthday outing. Believe it or not, they forgot to invite me to my own father’s birthday in Vegas! LOL! Each person in my family thought the other had told me and it turned out that no one told me until the day before they left. I ended up going and was extremely happy, but I’m glad I actually got a couple days notice this time.
  5. After having therapy this week after a month or two, I have to put this on the gratitude list. I am so grateful for her and that I am able to have sessions where I can talk about everything that I otherwise repress.
  6. I am grateful that, after my boyfriend quit his job unexpectedly, he was offered a significantly better employment opportunity quickly and is so much happier with the new position.
  7. Lately, my boyfriend’s 17 year old cat has lost quite a bit of weight and I’ve been pretty worried, but we are grateful that she seems okay and still plays with the kitten (when she’s not smacking her in the face). She tends to go through these phases and this must just be another one!
  8. After making an appointment with a counselor at my school, I am grateful that I even have this option. They go over your major, the classes you need, and compare to the university you would like to transfer to. Then, they give you an education plan per semester with an approximate transfer date. I am so glad I scheduled this appointment this week because I literally do not know what I’m doing when looking over my transcript.
  9. I am grateful for the amazing people that take the time to read any of my blog entries! You guys keep me motivated to keep on going and follow this through!
  10. I am grateful for the times where I am aware of my thoughts, actions, depression, and anxiety. Being aware helps keep me in the present and helps keep me grounded. Without this awareness, my emotions would be out of whack and my behaviors would follow my emotions.



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