Day 38/100



List 20 positive affirmations about yourself without looking any up.

  1. I am so much stronger than I believe
  2. Happiness is something that I will achieve
  3. My ambition grows everyday
  4. Mental illness does not define who I am
  5. I have control of my life and will no longer give it to anybody else
  6. I do not need acceptance from everyone
  7. I am loved and admired
  8. I am smarter than I give myself credit for
  9. My depression will not dominate my days of lethargy
  10. It is okay to not be early/on time (I get in a panic if I am running late or feel like I will run late)
  11. I have an enormous amount of support around me
  12. My reactions determine my moods, therefore, I will react positively
  13. I am extremely lucky to have the opportunities that I have at work
  14. Not everything needs to be rationalized
  15. My honesty is not a bad quality
  16. My decisions do not revolve around others and are not made for others’ happiness; my happiness is important
  17. I will be successful in whatever ventures I decide to follow
  18. I can have whatever I desire
  19. The universe is with me, not against me
  20. I can and will forgive.




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