Day 40/100



Have a cuddle night with your significant other, children, and/or pets.

Well, due to unforeseen (actually I did anticipate it) circumstances, a “significant other” will no longer be in the picture. Sadly, decisions were made and I must move on and move away from someone who has little respect for me as a partner. So, the kitten it is! My kitten has been particularly cuddly lately. In the middle of the nights she’ll lay along the side of my arm/shoulder area and stretch out her paws on my face. While it is cute, I desperately need to clip her nails. It was a terribly long day, so when I got home I just wanted to lie down and binge-watch Netflix. I’ve been binge-watching Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant and my kitten came up and cuddled with me. She also watched me stuff my face with pizza. Because of the circumstances right now, she’s the only one I cuddle up with right now and feel reciprocated love, lol.

I highly recommend animals for people who struggle with loneliness, anxiety, or depression. They help tremendously and are very therapeutic. I, also, highly recommend watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix; it’s hilarious! After I finished the show, I watched the first episode of Nailed It, which is another amazingly funny show about baking failures.





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