Day 41/100



Write a letter to your grandparents.

To my paternal grandparents,

I miss you. I haven’t seen you for a couple of years now. That’s the thing about becoming an adult; we now have our own lives away from our parents and family. Soon family gatherings wither down to once per year, maybe.
I think about our old house quite a bit. While I was extremely terrified of that house, I also miss it now. The most memorable times with you are in that house. While dad worked on Saturdays, you would always have something planned to keep us busy. The Home Depot kid’s crafts were the best; I wonder if you still have those paint stained Home Depot aprons. My love for baking came from that house; you guys taught me the essentials to baking the best brownies and cookies. I’m surprised we didn’t become diabetic!
Once grandpa retired from the fire station, though, you guys were ready to move far away from California life. You bought a couple acres of land in Oregon and built your dream house in the mountains. After moving, my brother and I would only see you during summertime and Christmas. I have to admit, Summers in Oregon were amazing though. Taking the jet boat excursions through the river and beautiful mountains, going to the many mom and pop fruit & vegetable stands that were all homegrown, attending the small fair that came into town, it was all so much different than southern California life.
You both have a zest for life that I don’t think I can ever match up to. There isn’t anything that is too much for you guys to handle with a smile on your faces. Now I see where my dad gets his laid back and carefree attitude. I am so lucky to be surrounded by family members like this. Later this year, we will finally be able to all come together for a huge family gathering. I can’t wait!




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