Day 42/100



Plan a dinner date with your family.

About two months ago, my brother, my mom, and I came to an agreement to have family dinners once per month. For the first time, my mom was the host and she made tacos, or a taco bar with everything separate to put together for yourself. During the second dinner, my brother and his girlfriend hosted it at their new place that we had never been to. They made pasta with homemade meatballs and I brought a funfetti cake dip with animal crackers, haha! Judging by the pattern, it would be my turn to host, however, with things not going very well at my home, and me planning on moving out, that probably will not happen. I will be moving into my mom’s extra bedroom for now, so I’m assuming the next dinner will be to “celebrate” that. No specific date has been set, yet.



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