Day 45/100



Set your phone alarm at random and title it/them “Am I Present?”

When I made this 100 Days “challenge”, I put this in here because I often think in the past or future. That’s part of my anxiety. Being present in the moment includes taking a break (if need be), deep breathing, and noticing my surroundings. What’s the temperature like? What do I hear? What do I smell? What is the current task I am accomplishing? I am rarely ever in the present. I think far ahead about what I should be doing, when I should be doing it, and anticipating how I will be feeling. To help with my anxiety, I should be doing this particular “challenge” more often. SEE! I said “I should be”! That’s anxiety again! This is going to be a lot harder than I ever thought. Today, I also started reading more about Buddhism, which my beliefs relate to most. I’ll do more of that reading today, but I think it could be beneficial to me!





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