Day 47/100



Listen to a positive podcast.

I listen to podcasts pretty frequently, as well as seminar-type talks that are on YouTube.

My most recent favorite: The Airplane Project – Gary Vaynerchuk
» I have to admit, I’m pretty obsessed with Gary. I often wonder if he’s Superman in the flesh because I cannot grasp how he can get so much accomplished. Still, he’s one amazing role model for anyone who is looking to create a business or even just for someone who wants to gain confidence. He has the mouth of a sailor, but that’s what I absolutely love about him. He doesn’t sugarcoat.

»DailyVee and #AskGaryVee (Gary’s other podcasts/docs) are just as amazing!

» The Tony Robbins Podcast
» The Law of Attraction Coaching (YouTube channel)
» TEDx Talks
» Be Inspired (YouTube channel)
» MFCEO Project Podcast (Andy Frisella YouTube channel)

HERE are more of the best positive, motivational podcasts.





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