Day 48/100



Use this as a positive free write about any topic.

This past semester I have taken a break from school because of financial trouble as well as not having enough time to commit to homework. Time has passed so slowly. BUT I was finally able to register this past weekend. I’ve been waiting and waiting with no access to registration. Oh, I didn’t have my FAFSA done, DUH! So, this past weekend, I filled out the whole financial aid shenanigans and was given access to registration. Yes!

You are reading that correctly…I do love school & it gets me excited.

I registered for 2 Summer classes, the maximum for the 8-week Summer courses. Both classes are online, which was my goal to have, so I am able to still work a good amount of hours.

Before I registered for my classes, I had sat down to figure out my timeline for my Associate’s Degree in order to transfer to a university. I still have about 5 semesters left if I want to finish my education plan that was given to me by a guidance counselor. I’m trying not to let that get to me because I, obviously, want to transfer as soon as possible, but it will happen when the timing is right. There is a possibility of being able to transfer before the 5 semesters are completed.

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to be back in school! As much stress as it causes me, I love learning new things and taking on as much as possible. My next challenge is following a strict timeline so that I don’t procrastinate. Netflix is too good to not procrastinate with, though!





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