Day 50/100



Buy yourself something! Celebrate your 50 days of self-improvement!

Well, well, well…We’ve made it halfway. If you’ve been following this since the very beginning, just know that I appreciate you sooooooo much. If you haven’t been following for that long, well lets be real here, I still appreciate you too!

Right now, I am so broke. I mean, I make enough to pay my bills, sometimes late, but I still manage! For Day 50, I actually don’t want to buy myself anything, unless you include ice cream! I am moving around the end of April/beginning of May, which will give me a MASSIVE opportunity to save money and pay off debt. I did have money put away for something special, but my car needed a new engine, so the money came out of that savings. That’s okay though! At least I had that savings! So…my plan is by day 100, the end of this self-improvement “challenge”, I will have enough money to purchase my special thing. I’ll be waiting to treat myself until then.


Unless you count ice cream. I bought some of that.





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