Day 51/100



Write something positive about yourself every hour for 12 consecutive hours.

Alright! We’re on part two now!

9:17 am
I am a giving and generous person.

10:02 am
I am beautiful.

11:36 am
I am dependable and reliable.

12:12 pm
I am proud of my sobriety.

1:31 pm
My purpose in life is to help others.

2:12 pm
Being an introvert has not made me less of a person, despite what I have been told.

3:50 pm
My desire to take on many things at once, usually overwhelming myself, only exemplifies my ambition to accomplish many things.

4:26 pm
Learning new things will never cease in my life.

5:43 pm
I will always have something to improve on; I am not perfect.

6:13 pm
I have started to accept who I am and who I’ve become.

7:08 pm
I want to learn how to forgive. How do I do that?

8:33 pm
For the first time, I am optimistic about my future.






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