Day 52/100



Take one of your big goals & break it down into smaller goals.

GOAL: Moving to Canada with my own business.

  • Take my class in May to become certified to practice permanent makeup.
  • Start taking clients of my own and gaining business
  • Get my passport
  • Take a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia to look around and visit
  • Save at least $15,000
  • Apply for Canadian permanent residency
  • Once approved, travel back to Vancouver to find a place to live.
  • Once a place of residence is determined, plan the move.
  • Take steps to open a business (register with health department, inspections, regulations, etc.)


I want to make it clear (mainly to myself, I guess) that this business is not my intended career path. I desperately want to be involved in neurology and help people, which I will continue to work towards. I intend to apply to the University of British Columbia to major in Behavioral Neuroscience; I will most likely choose a double major. The PMU business is my stability and financial income while I attend school.





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