Day 53/100



What bothered you today and why?

This specific thing happens a lot recently, but it was particularly bothersome today. I have been getting good amounts of sleep and, apparently, deep sleep (I have a sleep tracker app on my phone), but I’m still exhausted all day. Today, I could barely keep my eyes open at work. I actually had to go home, take a nap, and come back afterwards. That nap was over 3 hours long and I could’ve slept even longer. With my headaches every morning and aggression that isn’t like me (post to come), I keep thinking something is wrong with my brain. Then, I just tell myself I’m overreacting and chalk it up to my anxiety and depression. Thing is, I don’t feel extremely depressed or anxious. I watch too many medical shows, as well as study the brain, so I bet I’m just overreacting. This nags at me all day and I’m just over it. I want to stop being so exhausted and weak all the time. I’ve been told to go to the doctor numerous times, but my overreactions don’t warrant a doctor’s visit. Plus, every time I go when I don’t feel right, I’m always told it’s nothing, so I’m not going to waste my money and my doctor’s time to be told I’m okay. I’m stubborn, I know. Anyways, that’s what is really bothering me at this point and time.





2 Replies to “Day 53/100”

  1. Hey this may be random, but have you had your thyroid checked? An imbalance can case fatigue as well as mood/emotional issues (and a bunch of other stuff lol)…its pretty easy to diagnose and usually pretty easy to treat…maybe worth getting it checked?

  2. Thank you for the suggestion! I last had it checked 2 years ago and thyroid problems do run in my family so it definitely is likely. I’ll have them check that when I go to the doctor for my regular checkup! xoxo

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