Day 55/100



Wear what makes you feel the most confident.

Well, seeing as it is a weekday and I literally only drive down the street to work and then back home, I didn’t get all fancied up. So, for my sake, I’m just going to pretend that confident is replaced with comfortable. Why? I wore sweat pants to work, that’s why! I hate doing laundry WITH A PASSION because my apartment uses those shared laundry rooms, so I literally wear every possible “everyday” piece of clothing until I run out and I am forced to do laundry. Plus, not going to lie, a booty looks good in sweatpants (depending on the style). That’s where my confidence was, haha. Also, all of my favorite pieces of clothing are too small right now, so that’s another reason why I wore sweat pants instead of something better. Nevertheless, I did a full face of makeup, so that made me feel great!





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