Day 57/100



Take yourself out to lunch.

I’m just gonna say it…No. Do you guys remember not too long ago that I was without a car because it died and I ended up needing a brand new engine? Luckily, I only needed to pay a deductible, but that was still $300 and put me in a hole. Well, I actually was going to take myself out to lunch at Corner Bakery, because I love their bread bowls and paninis. That ended up not happening because my car ended up dying again. This time, it was the battery. So, the money that was left in my account literally ALL went towards a new battery. It didn’t upset me too much, as I knew they didn’t replace the battery when they replaced the engine. It was kind of just like…..REALLY, right now?! Anyways…that put me in another hole and I won’t be financially stable again for a couple more weeks, but I’m hanging in there! I am sorry to disappoint and not follow through with this, but I’ll take myself out to lunch soon!





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