Day 61/100


MAY 12

Create a vision board.


For the past week, while I’ve been MIA (see my previous post), I’ve been going through the magazines in my work’s waiting room to collect things for my vision board. For the most part, the board has been put together, but there are still a couple of pages that I have to cut out and add to my board. My focus is my well-being & taking care of myself, staying positive! My goals are to eat healthier, start exercising, continue school to get myself into medical school (eventually), adopt a german shepherd, own my own home (farmhouse style, in Washington or Canada), be financially successful, and purchase my dream car which is a Jeep Wrangler 4-Door AWD in either white or burgundy. Other aspects of the vision board are some bright flowers for a positive and cheerful mood; books because I would like to read more and purchase the 10+ books in my Amazon shopping list; my obsession with organization because I have a Type A personality as well as being a Virgo (who are perfectionists). This is it for the time being, but as time goes on and I go through more magazines, I will keep adding to the vision board! I love this idea because it is a constant reminder of my goals and where I would like to be in life. You should try it some time!!






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