Day 72/100



Take 10 minutes to visualize your idea of peace & success.

Since you can’t see into my brain, I will describe to you my idea of peace & success.

Peace: I imagine myself to be more self-aware, leading me to accept who I am, be content with myself, and embrace my good qualities, as well as my bad qualities. I will have patience and humility. I will be able to forgive and not place blame on anything or anyone. Meditation will be an important hour of every day where I can clear my mind. Gratitude will be a part of my everyday life, no matter how negative the situation.

Success: I imagine my success to mainly involve helping others who are struggling mentally, whether that be just talking, giving advice, or finding a physical cause in the brain where I can implement a solution. My idea of success doesn’t involve monetary wealth; on the contrary, I would be happy in an apartment in the suburbs and without material products with big names. I will have a successful relationship with whom I can talk with for hours about the things we agree on, politely disagree on, and the things we have in common. We will support each other in our ventures, but not be dependent upon each other. We will care deeply about one another and love fully.



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