Day 78/100



What are 10 things that inspire you?

  • My parents
    My dad inspires me through his personality, his work ethic, and the insane amount of patience he has with everything. I’ve rarely seen this man angry and when he was, I could tell he hated feeling anything but happiness. He’s worked so hard to build the business that he has and he had a smile on his face the whole way.
    My mom inspires me with her strength. I didn’t know much about her battles until I was an adult and could truly understand. She knows exactly what it feels like when I’m at my lowest points, which makes her empathetic as well as realistic. I know how much strength it takes to battle your own demons and she is a strong ass woman for fighting and being there for her 3 children.
  • My paternal grandparents’ relationship
    We like to say that my grandparents on my dad’s side is all “sunshine & daisies” because nothing seems to bother them. They have such a strong appreciation for life and see unfortunate events as inevitable and unavoidable, usually leading to a better place. I would give anything to have such a calm, patient, understanding, and loving personality. What inspires me most about them is their marriage. I can’t describe it. It’s just so happy and fulfilling. They’re the only consistent marriage I’ve been around my whole life; Other than that, I am familiar with divorce. As I get older, I yearn more and more not for just a husband, but a marriage that will be like theirs.
  • Books
    The amount of information in literature is astounding. I will never cease to stop learning new things as long as I live.
  • My kitten
    Okay, hear me out before judging me. I swear there is a good reason!
    I say this because of the amount of life pets have in them. I don’t mean how many years, I mean their energy and zest for adventure! The brains of dogs and cats are much different than the human brain. They don’t pout about the past and they don’t stress about the future. They live in the moment and I’m working on doing that myself; it’s terribly difficult.
  • My Stepmom/Stepdad
    I put these together because, really, they inspire me in similar ways. Not only do I have learning experiences from my parents, but I now have 2 more perspectives and experiences to learn from. Everyone has gone through their own battles and I’m glad I can have 2 more life stories to learn from and 2 more opinions (even though I might not be happy about their opinions sometimes LOL)
  • My Bullet Journal
    If you follow my Pinterest you probably know that I have a large board dedicated to bullet journals. I still struggle on getting to my bullet journal daily but I definitely get to it weekly. It keeps me on top of how I’m doing with habits and my schedule. Another thing I really focus on in my bullet journal is daily goals. I’m working on not procrastinating so much and keeping tabs on my journal and schedule every day.
  • My job
    I’m grateful for my job and the opportunity to make my own schedule. I’m not too experienced in the type of work that I do on a daily basis, but it pushes me to watch more learning videos and to teach myself new things. I always say that I’m an introvert with a job as an extrovert.
  • Sobriety
    I list this as an inspiration because that’s exactly what it does. Being sober has inspired me to come out of my shell, little by little. As an introvert, I used alcohol and drugs as a way to be “more outgoing”. While that did work most of the time, it would backfire the next day every time, sometimes for more than one day. They don’t mess around when they say you shouldn’t drink or do drugs while on anti-depressants or mood stabilizers. I’m still learning how to be myself, especially in social situations. While my social anxiety has gotten worse, I have to realize that I’ve run from this anxiety for a long time and that it’s going to get worse before it starts to get better.
  • Going Gluten Free
    I’m still in the transition phase of this because I am still learning what not to eat and what to replace certain foods with. I’m also still learning about cross-contamination (yes, it doesn’t only exist with raw animal products). Educating myself on being gluten free has inspired me to pay more attention to my nutrition and become more aware of the products that I put into my body because it directly effects my cognitive function.
  • Others’ Ignorance
    Okay, the way I titled this sounds really mean, but I don’t intend for it to be that way. What I do mean is that people who are unaware or uneducated about nutrition and neuroscience inspire me. They inspire me by driving me to learn more about what I am studying and to have more educational topics to post about on my [soon to be public] educational blog. The ignorance surrounding such an important topic is inspiring because everyone should be informed about such correlations.



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