Day 79/100



What are 5 ways that someone could win your heart.

Oooooooo, I like this one!

  • Treat people with patience & respect
    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat someone other than yourself. For example, I look at the way a person treats a waiter/waitress, if they’re willing to hold the door for strangers, if they offer to help someone that looks like they appear in need of some help, & saying please, thank you, and have a good day. One thing that always catches my attention is if someone working in customer service says, “Have a good day,” and you respond with “You too,” rather than just “Thank you.” It may not seem like a big deal, but it was something I always paid attention to with my dad when I was little. He would always just say, “Thank you,” and I really felt the need to say “You too” as we walked away from the person. I mean, who doesn’t like being told to have a good day??
  • Honesty
    One thing that I’ve always noticed is that other people severely overestimate how much I judge them. I am not judgemental at all. Make some mistakes when you were younger? Share them with me, don’t hide them. Think I should take better care of myself? Tell me politely and honestly. Offer to help me. Have a different opinion than me? Share it, we can talk about things and meet in the middle. Don’t just go along with what I say and then resent me later for it or don’t be embarrassed about what you have or want to say. Also, a person has to know the difference between being an honest adult and being manipulative, aggressive, and emotionally damaging.
  • Have the drive to succeed, but not at the expense of others.
    I’ve only been in a relationship with one person who actually had the drive to succeed and continue to learn. However, this relationship ended because of the lack of balance and attention, but we were so young and we learned from our mistakes. We still talk and have a friendly relationship. All of the other relationships were dead ends after they left high school and some community college. Where I’m going with this is that a person can capture my attention by wanting to better themselves and have a successful career that they’ve worked so hard for, but not in a way that damaged others in their path.
  • Be good with children and families
    My family is a big part of my life and we always do things together. A person has to be able to accept my family’s open arms and feel comfortable to talk and hang out with everyone. My family treats my significant other like family and is super welcoming. I also have a sister that is 18 years younger than me and I’d do anything for her; I’d take a bullet for her. A person has to be comfortable around children and willing to play Hide & Seek and Legos and not feel uncomfortable. I have yet to meet someone with this quality haha.
  • Supportive, understanding, & patient
    My mood swings can be severe sometimes and my depression can be a big meanie. One of the most important things during these times is a person who does not criticize me and get angry with me because of this. This person needs to understand that I’ve dealt with mental illness my whole life and that it isn’t just a “quick fix” or “just in my head”. Be patient with me. Be supportive of me. Ask me questions like “Is there anything I can do?” or even “Did you forget one of your medications?” More often than not, my sudden mood swings are due to a missed dose of medication. I don’t expect to be treated like a baby, but I do expect some understanding that I can’t exactly control this 24/7 and I do deserve respect as much as the next person.

Well, there you go! The main 5 things in a person that can capture my heart!



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