Day 80/100 & 81/100


186852000365_Hero-1JUNE 23

Take yourself out for ice cream.

Since I have been trying to eat better, I decided to not take myself to my favorite place to get ice cream, which is Cold Stone. Plus, they’re expensive and your girl needs to save as much money as possible. Instead, I went to the grocery store to get some ice cream. On the plus side, you get much more ice cream for a cheaper price then at Cold Stone, haha! After being so indecisive in the frozen ice cream isle, I chose Talenti. They aren’t ice cream per se, but gelato, so I feel a little less guilty about eating it. My favorite is the Mediterranean Mint, which is just like Mint Chocolate Chip, but tastes healthier. Plus, they come in these cute little plastic jars that can be reusable!



Ask someone for some honest feedback on something of yours. Listen. Don’t think negatively about their feedback.

Well, I’ve asked for feedback on two designs that I worked on, but I’m still waiting for the answers. One design is a photo book that I made for work that I put about 10-12 hours into. The other design is for a website that I’m going to launch and that design took me a couple of days because I was stumped on what I wanted. Maybe I’ll edit this entry later once I get that feedback I’ve been waiting for……eventually!



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