Day 82/100



What are you proud of today?

There are two things that I’m pretty proud of doing for this day. To be honest, I didn’t even read the prompt beforehand, I just so happened to do these things, haha. So, one, I finally made my appointment to turn in my passport application & documents. If you don’t know why an appointment is needed, it’s because you have to make an appointment at the post office to meet with someone. Why? I’m assuming because these documents contain extremely sensitive information about yourself and your parents. Plus, I want to make sure it’s getting into the right hands. I’m proud and excited about this whole passport thing because, if you don’t know, after my relationship of 4 years ended, I finally felt like I was being held back anymore from moving out of the country. I talk about moving to Canada a lot, but this is the first step on a list of many others that will be ahead in the next year or two. Two, I have made my schedule for the next week for clients. Since learning permanent makeup/tattooing, I haven’t worked on anyone else (we work on 8 people during class). I’m so excited, but also extremely nervous and anxious. I keep thinking I’m not going to do well or mess up because this is tattooing……on someone’s face. I may be hyping myself up way more than I should be, but I’m terrified!! I’ll post about my work later next week and tell you guys how it went!



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