Day 96/100



Watch 3 TedTalks videos to boost your energy & confidence.

I wasn’t too sure I’d be interested in this one, but OH MY GOODNESS, this man is a genius! I love the fact that he celebrates his employees’ failures more than their accomplishments. His company is based on trying to kill each project that they come up with.
Being audacious and working on big, risky things makes people inherently uncomfortable. You cannot yell at people and force them to fail fast. People resist. They worry. “What will happen to me if I fail? Will people laugh at me? Will I be fired?”But enthusiastic skepticism is not the enemy of boundless optimism. It’s optimism’s perfect partner. It unlocks the potential in every idea.”

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I related to his talk. You can relate to this as well if you feel like you’re putting in hard work to be a better husband, wife, teacher, parent, etc. but feel like you aren’t improving anything. It’s more common than you think. There are two different zones that he describes: the learning zone and the performance zone. Here are the differences between the two

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.54.15 AM

“The performance zone maximizes our immediate performance, while the learning zone maximizes our growth and our future performance.”

One explanation that really resonates with me is,
One reason that in our lives we spend so much time in the performance zone is that our environments often are, unnecessarily, high stakes. We create social risks for one another, even in schools which are supposed to be all about learning, and I’m not talking about standardized tests. I mean that every minute of every day, many students in elementary schools through colleges feel that if they make a mistake, others will think less of them. No wonder they’re always stressed out and not taking the risks necessary for learning. But they learn that mistakes are undesirable inadvertently when teachers or parents are eager to hear just correct answers and reject mistakes rather than welcome and examine them to learn from them, or when we look for narrow responses rather than encourage more exploratory thinking that we can all learn from. When all homework or student work has a number or a letter on it, and counts towards a final grade, rather than being used for practice, mistakes, feedback and revision, we send the message that school is a performance zone.”

Love this & her energy. She conveys a very important message: You have to force yourself to be uncomfortable. One thing she says that I found pretty hilarious is, “No one wakes up wanting to eat healthy or run on the treadmill to lose weight.” I find that particularly true. It’s also funny to me because I just found out today that I have high cholesterol…at age 25…haha oops! I recommend watching her, she’s pretty entertaining.



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