Day 97/100



What qualities do you admire in others?

  • Selflessness – I admire people who take the time to volunteer or help others in any way that they can. It’s especially admirable when there is a natural disaster and people flock to the site of the disaster to help with anything they possibly can. They put aside their wants in life for the time being in order to volunteer and I think that takes an incredibly courageous person to do that.
  • Little acts of kindness – I admire someone who performs little acts of kindness throughout the day while a lot of people just overlook these small things. Examples: opening the door for someone, paying for someone’s coffee, putting money in someone’s parking meter, offering assistance to strangers, giving water bottles and/or snacks to homeless people, offering to take a couple’s picture, taking the shopping cart back to where it’s supposed to be, picking up the trash that someone left behind, saying please, thank you, and have a good day, and many other things!
  • Honesty – I admire people who say what they mean and don’t sugar coat things in a an attempt to not make the other person feel bad. There are nice ways to be honest; it doesn’t always have to be hurtful.



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