Day 98/100



What are your priorities at the moment? Do they need to be changed?

This is funny because I’m in the process of changing my priorities. Since I’ve now figured out what my diet should be, I’m switching over to a gluten free low cholesterol vegan diet. Like I said….I am now a rabbit. My diet is my first priority at the moment because it takes a lot of planning and prepping in order to get everything right. I’m also tracking everything in an app. My second priority is school. I’m nearing the end of the short Summer semester and will begin the Fall semester the last week of August. This weekend, I took the time to plan out my daily schedule for the Fall semester because it will be so chaotic and I am definitely going to need to stick to a schedule. Other than those 2 main priorities, I’m trying not to be so critical of myself, especially in my work. Permanent cosmetics gives me the opportunity to make a significant amount of money and make people feel better about themselves, but I find myself looking around on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and doubting my ability to do great work. There is a quote by one of the more popular PMU artists that I keep trying to convince myself to do: “Stop thinking in terms of limits; Start thinking in terms of abundance.”



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