Creating a routine & staying consistent


Some people do best with spontaneity, I do best with organization, routine, and consistency. Lately, I’ve deviated from that and my mind is just about as hazy as the sky in the areas of the California fires.

In order to get my head on straight, I need to get organized…and quite frankly, clean my room because that might make me feel a little less cluttered.



First: Scheduling the important things
» Work & client appointments (2 aspects of my job)
» School – classes, homework, & studying
» Pre-scheduled events (family gatherings, etc.)

Second: Goals breakdown
» Long-term
» » Short-term to get to long-term
» » » Steps to take

» Second website
» » Buy domain & publish website
» » » Create website layout skeleton
» » » Create pre-scheduled daily posts
» » » Thoroughly research each topic that will be published
» » » Set up paid advertisements & marketing materials


Third: General to-do list
» Important to-do tasks that have no specified due date

Fourth: Daily to-do list
» What are my main tasks to accomplish for the day?
(Wash car, pick-up prescriptions, grocery shopping, meal prepping, etc.)

Fifth: Meal prep
» Plan meals out the week before
(See my self-made plan in the link below – PDF)
My Meal Plan Layout


Going Further:
» Daily mood tracking
» Daily habit tracking (i.e. spending money, medications, vitamins, etc.)
» Tracking my debt – Monthly
» Tracking my savings – Monthly
» Tracking my sleep patterns

Believe it or not, I was doing all of this tracking a couple of months ago. I kept a small bullet journal that I created every month, as well as a planner for scheduling. It actually is something I enjoy because it involves organization with creativity. I will upload pictures of my past bullet journals in another post so you can have a clearer picture.afterglow-art-backlit-556665

So…why so much structure?

Well, for me, coping with my mental health involves staying occupied. Without structure, I become lazy and unmotivated, therefore becoming depressed. Without structure, I procrastinate on everything. I also become extremely forgetful because my mind is elsewhere and I am not focused. Without structure, I allow myself to sleep in ways that severely disrupt my circadian rhythm. Without structure, the majority of my food is high in refined sugar, which causes weight gain (along with the lack of exercise). All of these things that I have listed have been scientifically proven to negatively effect your well-being through the microbiome and neurotransmitters, even with daily prescription medications.

Another recommendation I have is to create a vision board, a dream board, or an action board for yourself – a board that motivates you! A cork board hung on your bedroom wall, or anywhere that you see daily, is ideal. A vision board is used in the Law of Attraction (LoA) to help manifest one’s dreams – positive attracts positive; negative attracts negative. Some who do not study or believe in the LoA, believe a vision board is counter-productive, therefore an action board would be considered ideal. The Key to Achieve describes the action board as:

“The Action Board is an evidence-based system founded on ground-breaking research studies in social psychology, positive psychology, mind-brain science, and goal achievement. The key to the Action Board is the eight Key to Achieve principles and ten components that re-train your brain, activate your focus center, and connect your conscious and subconscious minds to work in harmony.”

I will publish a post on how to create an action board and will update and link it here!




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