My Biggest Pet Peeves

I will start with the biggest pet peeve that I have and work my way down!


Not being on time
Seriously, it isn’t that hard to accomplish!

Not accepting the word “No”

[ADDED] Being on your phone while on a date or hanging out
It’s rude, plain and simple. In a relationship, if we’re doing something together (dinner, movies, etc.) and you’re constantly on your phone, I won’t give you the time of day. Seriously, what happened to being respectful?

Not saying “you too” when someone tells you to have a good day
Okay, this one may seem ridiculous, but this is something I grew up with and I don’t even really know how it became a pet peeve. When I was little, if someone said “Have a good day” to my dad, he would say “Thank you” and that always bothered me that he never wished them a good day also. Believe me, even I find this a bit odd.

Being rude to employees in the service industry
Whether it be waiters/waitresses, hosts, customer service, or retail employees, they deserve respect. Often times they are not in control over what is happening (e.g. your entree being made wrong, the restaurant kitchen being overwhelmed, the shirt that is out of stock, the price that an item has).

adult business commerce cook

Chewing with your mouth open
I will accept this if you are under 7 years old. Believe it or not, I dated a guy who didn’t chew with his mouth closed, EVER, and this is how my pet peeve developed.

Stopping in the middle of the walkway
Come on! Scootch over when you plan on stopping in the middle of a crowded pathway.

Bad grammar
You’re, your, there, their, they’re, through, threw, to, too, etc.

Leaving shopping carts in the parking lot
Now, you’re just being lazy.

Group text messages
This gets extremely annoying…BING bing BING bing BING bing

four people using smartphones behind glass wall

No personal space
Especially when I’m in line to checkout at the grocery store and someone feels that it is acceptable for their cart to be right up against me.

Talking under your breath
Just be an adult and tell me what you’re mumbling about.

Screaming children
I get it, kids get upset and you can’t always cater to their every want. But when the screaming just gets louder and louder and doesn’t stop, it’s just too much for me. I justify this with my bionic hearing (loud noises hurt my ears like slamming things down on a table or an electric blender – oh my gosh, those are terrible!)



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