My Frank Opinions No. 1

I’m seeing a lot of posts featuring “unpopular opinions” so I decided would create my own! I’ve found that unpopular opinions seem to be more common than first thought, haha.

Water tastes good
I can’t explain it, but I LOVE the taste of water even though it “doesn’t taste like anything”. I don’t drink soda or juice; I’ve always been a strict water drinker.

Pineapple on pizza is okay
So many people say pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, but I don’t mind it at all. I love grilled pineapple, mmmm!

Summer is extremely overrated
Personally, the heat is not my friend. Since I am so pale, I don’t tan at all – I only sunburn (and quickly too). Once you get past high school, summer isn’t anything too special anymore.

Avocado is disgusting
Plus, it’s so expensive as an add-on item

I could watch “The Office” and “Park and Recreation” over and over again without getting tired of it
A lot of people feel like these shows are overrated

Society is becoming too damn sensitive (yes, there are limits)
No matter what you say or how you say it, there will always be a group of people whom you’ve just personally offended

“The Walking Dead” is overrated
I couldn’t get into it. In fact, zombie movies are becoming overrated

Schools need to stop utilizing electronics, especially elementary schools
Children already get enough screen time outside of school

EQ matters more than IQ
Emotional intelligence is just better, lol

I like waffles and pancakes without syrup or butter
It does depend on the brand though…Bisquick? yechhhh

A majority of the time, men work harder and, therefore, deserve to get paid more
I mean, there’s no way I’m going to do the same hard, physical labor with heavy lifting that a lot of men do. My body is not capable of that.

Since it is acceptable for overweight men with boobs to be bare-chested, it should be acceptable for women to be bare-chested too
They look similar!

There shouldn’t be awards for participation in schools
Isn’t it mandatory to participate in school?

Spanking a child isn’t abuse
Yep, I said it

Bath bombs are enjoyable only while they fizz, otherwise they’re overrated
Like, the fizzing is cool and all but the scents are too strong and they are otherwise pointless

Dad jokes are the best jokes
IDC what you say

If a woman asks a man about his height, the man should be able to ask about her weight
Just seems fair?

We shouldn’t glorify obesity and promote it as self-acceptance
It’s extremely unhealthy

Cherry flavored candy canes taste better than peppermint
Frankly, the peppermint candy canes should be discontinued

Possums can be cute

Dunkin Donuts sucks
It’s just so overrated. Mom and pop donut shops are better

Being catfished is partially your fault
There are so many warning signs when this is happening and failing to recognize those warning signs and red flags is your fault. It isn’t rocket science.

ASMR is annoying
I just don’t get the concept?

I don’t believe we can do anything to fix or help climate change; human extinction is probably the most likely option to fix the planet
I just think we’re too far gone at this point

Teachers and educators should make more money than social media influencers
They work harder and usually have a more educated background and are contributing to society by teaching the new generation of children.

“Friends” is a terrible show
Never liked it

I’m looking forward to not having children and am okay with being forever single
It’s so much more relaxing

A person’s income should NEVER be based off of commission sales
Someone doesn’t want to buy your product so your monthly income gets cut? Ridiculous!

Fitness influencers on social media are just disguising some forms of eating disorders
Come on, tracking macros and calories are unhealthy



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