Celebrating Valentine’s Day Single

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you beautiful souls!

This year I celebrate Valentine’s Day single! It’s probably been about 5 or 6 years since I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day; this year is different though.

This year, I’m happy being with myself. Sure, I do miss my ex-boyfriend of 4 years, but overall I’m not bothered by today. I look at today as Treat Yo’ Self! Plus, I only need the one thing in the world that fills my heart and that’s my cat. Sorry, if that sounds weird…Actually, no I’m not sorry. She’s saved me from spiraling down into the deepest depression.

Ever since my hospital visit last week, I’ve needed to be on a strict diet with scheduled meals. This diet is bland, boring, and doesn’t include my favorite thing: sugar. So I’m splurging a little bit on myself today with some chocolate and Girl Scout cookies! Should I have coffee too? It’s been over a week since I’ve had coffee!

Valentine’s Day is just as much about loving yourself as it is loving your significant other. If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, give yourself a little love! Watch one of your favorite movies, cook yourself a nice dinner (because we all know restaurants are a disaster today), take yourself to get some ice cream, or invite your friends over to have a relaxing night in their company.

Me? Well, I’ll be relaxing with some Netflix and maybe doing some homework and studying. I know, boring right??! But I’m totally okay with it like this! Maybe I’ll take myself to Coldstone to get my favorite ice cream mix later tonight, too.

Whether you’re spending today alone or with someone else, I hope you have a good Valentine’s Day. Remember: don’t let stress get to you this evening. Tonight is a very busy night for restaurants and other places where couples frequent. If something doesn’t go as planned, that’s okay! The only important thing is spending today with your loved one [or self]. If you focus on what could go wrong, there will be no room to enjoy what is going right!



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