Day 43/100



Declutter your closet. Donate what you can.

Anyone need some hangers? LOL! Seriously though, I always have way too many after I clean out my closet. Do you ever keep clothes that you love, but they don’t fit you anymore? Do you, then, hope that maybe one day, you’ll fit in that favorite dress again? Yeah, that’s me. Half of my closet consists of clothes that no longer fit me because I am not underweight anymore. That’s the thing about relationships; you get comfortable with each other and start putting on the pounds! As much as I want to keep those cute crop tops, I am no longer in my early 20’s and it’s time to grow up. After all, the chances of me going to a club (where I used to where all my cute clothes) are 99.9% unlikely. Needless to say, about half of my closet was donated!



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