My Frank Opinions No. 2

It’s been a while since I wrote My Frank Opinions No. 1 so I figured I’d do another one!

Game of Thrones is overrated
I just never got into it? Kinda glad it’s ending because that’s all anyone ever talks about when its on.

Pickles and olives taste good
Pickles more so, but I still like both.

Smokers shouldn’t get extra breaks
It’s your fault you took up smoking.

Cursive should still be taught in elementary schools
People will start to realize it once everyone starts printing their names as “signatures”.

Every state should have the death penalty as an option
They say the punishment should fit the crime but my taxes provide food, shelter, medical, etc. to prisoners while the victim of a murder has lost their life. (California)

Every man should know basic car necessities
This includes replacing a battery, changing the oil, changing a tire, checking transmission fluid, checking oil levels, etc.

The keto diet is overrated
I get it…For some people it really works, but I’m tired of hearing everyone talk about it.

A psychology class should be required to graduate high school (or even middle school)
Mental health just seems like it’s declining in humans overall and it’s important to learn about mental health and how you can work on it (i.e. mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology, etc.) #EndTheStigma

It’s pointless to put all of you energy into something you aren’t passionate about
The amount of money you make at a job you hate will not bring you ANY happiness. Therefore, put your energy into something that YOU like or want to succeed in.

Cereal is better WITHOUT milk
I just never understood the rush to eat it before it gets soggy and gross. No milk = no soggy cereal = enjoyment without rushing

The 2020 election is exciting
Get the cheetoh out of office! This is the only time I will ever be excited about politics.

The bullet train is one of the stupidest things California has ever put their money into
That money should go to something that’s actually going to help everyone

Ed Helms and Aziz Ansari are two of the MOST annoying actors
I liked Ed Helms in the first hangover, but after watching The Office so much, I can’t stand him. Aziz Ansari…well, just his whiny voice is annoying.

Diets don’t work long-term
It needs to be a lifestyle change to actually keep the weight off, or else you’ll just go back to gaining weight once you quit your diet.

Soda is so disgusting
Yes, yes it is

German Shepherds are the most beautiful dogs in the world
Can’t explain it. I just love them so much

There should be a maximum amount of money an “influencer” can make on social media
So many other professions deserve better pay

I’m sure I’ll do a third one of these in the future, but here’s what I’ve got for number two!



One Reply to “My Frank Opinions No. 2”

  1. I mostly agree with your opinions. Got isn’t overrated. Try reading the books and you will see. I’m surprised they stopped teaching cursive in primary school but maybe that’s America. Politics is becoming more interesting but it’s still to please the majority which is impossible. Trump is odd but are other politicians any better? I don’t like pickles but I love olives now. It’s an age thing I think. I think that’s all.

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