Day 17/100



Give your significant other a back massage.

Well, this really isn’t a challenge for me. My boyfriend is six foot six inches tall and [used to] work in a construction type environment. He lifts hundreds of pounds everyday for his job so a excruciatingly painful back is to be expected. Every couple of days he’ll ask me to give him a massage because his back hurts. I guess, as I type this, I’m thinking ‘I should be offering instead of waiting for him to ask’.

This day was particularly bad for him. I got a call pretty early in the morning. Last time he called me early in the morning while he’s at work, he had gotten in a car accident. So, naturally, I started thinking the worst. His company had sent him on a job that is nearly impossible for someone to do without help. They do this all the time to their employees who get paid very little for the amount of labor work that they do. He’d had enough. I had to pick him up as he decided to resign immediately. They have company vehicles so he couldn’t drive the company truck home and say ‘peace out’. Haha. He’s bummed and stressed and in pain and over it. I feel bad. We’re sitting there, waiting for the company owner to show up (1 hour late) so I just massage his neck and shoulders while we wait. I don’t like to see people so upset, I always feel bad.




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